Are you searching for the Hotmail/Outlook PVA accounts? Yes, you are right here now to buy outlook/Hotmail PVA accounts. We can describe some of the features of these accounts below.


It was there before, but only while “logging in” to save users’ credentials from phishing attacks. Now, HTTPS is coming back in Hotmail for the whole session, i.e. for logging in and browsing (reading/sending) emails. This was one thing that Gmail already introduced many months agone, but it’s good to have in Hotmail nonetheless.

View, Edit And Share Office Docs:

Now you’ll access free Microsoft workplace net apps to look at, edit and share office documents without downloading it on your computer. All you would like to try to do is email any document or PowerPoint presentation to yourself. You could open this document anytime, anywhere.

Because the document is present in the Hotmail cloud, you don’t need your own computer to open it. You can read your presentation or edit it within the workplace net app. You could also run the slideshow without having Office installed on your computer.

Real-Time Document Collaboration:

If you and your friend want to work on the same document at the same time then you can do this easily in the new Hotmail. Click on the file, which should be present on the Skydrive of the sender of the document, to view it online.

While redaction the file, you can see the number of persons editing the file at the bottom right-hand corner. You can instantly check changes created by the team members.

Edit And Reply:

Suppose your friend sent a document to you whom ones have to be amended and sent back. Normally you would download it on your computer, make changes, attach it again and send it back to him. This whole process is time-consuming.

The new feature of Hotmail permits you to edit the document on-line. Before redaction, it automatically copies the document in your Windows Live Skydrive account. The online word version looks the same as Microsoft word and it won’t affect the format of the document while you edit it something which gives this a big edge over Google Docs.

Send Huge Files:

Integration of Hotmail with Skydrive makes it possible to send up to 10 GB files in a single mail. Well, kinda. The file is hosted on the Skydrive service that offers you twenty-five GB of free area. When you send the large files (documents or images) over email, the recipient only receives the URL of that file.

When the recipient clicks on the link he will transfer the file. It is not necessary for the recipient to have a Skydrive account in order to download it.

Send And View Images:

It can be used to attach a large number of images in the mail. All the images get uploaded to Skydrive and the recipient receives a link. You can read with an interactive slideshow of pictures, transfer them on your laptop (no Windows Live ID required) and conjointly add comments to them (Windows live ID required).