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You can swipe at any time of the day or night. However, I like to recommend doing this after you square measure stuck waiting and have absolutely nothing better to do. Otherwise, roll in the hay to make love whereas you’re in the middle of an igniter voice communication since you are logged on and distracted anyways.

Since swiping is extraordinarily time-flexible, set rules for yourself and don’t let it interfere with regular life. Swipe a minimum of once, every one or two days, because active users have a priority over other men.

  • You can swipe many times in a day, you are better off spacing out the sessions, here is why:
  • Igniter can have time to type through the women and show you the active ones in priority.
  • Some matches may check up on when you were last logged on and get turned off if the number is always under five minutes.
  • Offer some ladies time to match you initially.

This last purpose is termed social and might differentiate a king from a mere skilled.

Psychological Advantage of Herding:

Keep in mind that even moderately attractive women will get a match practically every time they swipe right. They are effectively the “herders”. If you are among the ten men in a row that she matched, you are in a relatively weak position.

This is why you should not usually begin the conversation as soon as you match (more in “The Art of Chatting). Being herded does not spoil your chances, but since we are thinking statistically, there is a way to tilt the odds in your favor.

If you are swiping through a large sample, picture three phases that unpredictably follow one another:

  1. Most girls you swipe right turn out to be matches you have successfully herded some girls! They will get a notification and take some time out of their day to look at you and only you. When you finally message them, you are at a relative advantage.
  2. You are swiping right and not getting any more matches – You are now getting herded. But wait. Keep swiping! The girls you are seeing are relatively active, meaning that you will not be herded with too many other guys. Also, swiping her right will put you to the front of her selection when she logs on, a strong advantage.
  3. You are swiping through infrequent users – You will begin seeing girls that have not logged on in a while (clear) or girls who have logged on recently but do so only sporadically (not clear). The deeper you go into this phase, the worse your odds of finding a match that will lead to a date.

As you can understand, the threshold between phases 2 and 3 will always be hazy and undefined. The point is that when you’ve been swiping for a while, ask yourself: am I in phase 3? Know that if you are, you are wasting time. Better to get off Tinder and let it do some herding for you.

If you commute more than 10km on a regular basis, use herding to your advantage! Log on in the new location, give it a few swipes then go on with your day. If this is a target-rich area, like the downtown core, resist logging back on for a while after leaving. Tinder PVA accounts will have women lined up for you when you finally return!

You Are Being Too Picky:

Be honest with yourself, is it realistic to only right-swipe models? Have friends help you objectively rate your profile. Give yourself a score out of 10 for looks and one out of 10 for the value you manage to display on your pictures perceived wealth, style, social value, sex appeal. Whichever scored lowest will be your baseline score and the highest will be your ceiling.

Since men solely rate girls on their appearance, their marking is simpler: variety between one and ten. Even women subconsciously apprehend that this is often their price on the chemical analysis scene, particularly on igniter.

Right swipe women that the score between your baseline and your ceiling. You will seldom match girls on top of your ceiling, ne’er mind meet them! Similarly, women below your baseline are the ones you do not want to meet even if they offer you sex on a silver platter.

The closer you swipe to your baseline, the more likely you are to match. Since your market value is a weighted average of your looks and Perceived Value (culture decides the relative importance), women near the baseline are getting a bargain.

They will often be eager to know more about you and push for the meetup! On the other end, women near the ceiling will also match (though not as often) and act like a tough sell from the start. Experiment with different levels of pickiness to understand exactly how much a pound of your flesh is worth on the dating market.

You Need To Work On You Profile:

As explained in the previous chapter, “Create the Irresistible Profile”, your looks must be optimized and your Perceived Value should be elevated into the stratosphere. If you are not matching any girls above an 8, know that this is your ceiling. In order to do better, you need to improve your profile.

 Perceived Value is the variable with the most potential for improvement: the sky is truly the limit. So go out, do cool stuff and capture it on Instagram.

When to Engage:

You’ve got the match, now when should you initiate a conversation? Girls are very easily distracted, so you need to make sure you message them when they have the highest probability of not being busy.

If they are in the middle of something, they will see your message and then completely forget about it. When this happens, you have to reinitiate with lower Conversational Value. This is elaborated in the next section.

Use the prime times in the day to maximize the chance of striking up a proper conversation. You can swipe outside of primetime, but if you match, do not start chatting. If she matches you outside primetime, you should also wait.

Buy Tinder PVA accounts and enjoy. Imagine she matches you during her lunch break, you may exchange a few messages, but as soon as work starts again, she will forget about you forever.